It’s OK if you’re struggling right now.

No one taught you how to handle this.

You’ve fallen in love with a man — but the biological mother of his kids seems hostile.

This wasn’t how it was supposed to go.

Intuitively, you know something isn’t right.

But where can you turn?

You need your partner to be your teammate — but it feels like he’s unconsciously enabling her behavior, fearing what she might do next.

It’s relentless.

Your stomach goes into knots when his phone lights up with a call or message from her.

You start to ask yourself — am I crazy? Am I being too sensitive?

You might have read books, listened to podcasts, or even sought professional advice — but it still isn’t helping.

It feels like she’s determined to make your lives a living hell.

But you’ve got a warrior spirit and you know you have a good man — so you persevere.

You’re drowning in stress and feel like you’re losing control of your life.

You feel isolated.

No one else seems to understand. 

You’ve had ENOUGH. Something needs to change. 

Now what?


You’ve done an AMAZING job so far.

Our stories are more similar than you may think and I know how painful this is.

Many other women are also living in this dysfunctional pattern of pain, anxiety and energy-draining conflict. 

And you know what — this feels hard because it IS hard.

Society pressures us to believe that we should all be able to co-parent cooperatively for the sake of the kids.

BUT you’re living in an abnormal situation and one size does not fit all.

The regular rules of co-parenting can’t be applied to high-conflict cases.

That’s the trap.

And that’s why surface level advice isn’t working, as reasonable as it might be.

Being a biological parent does NOT give someone the “right” to play destructive games with other people’s lives.

And most importantly, just because you’re a target, doesn’t mean you have to be a victim.

It might be time to start seeing the situation for what it is. 

You CAN break the cycle.

I can show you how. 


“If you keep doing what you’re doing, you’ll keep getting what you’re getting.” – Stephen Covey

If you want a different outcome, make different choices.

Here’s the thing — the more you blame someone else for being the source of your problems, the more you disempower yourself.

By complaining about the same issues without initiating change or sweeping things under the rug, you’re risking:

YOUR emotional well-being, YOUR physical health, YOUR relationship — not theirs.

The magic happens when we’re able to take a step back and get honest and accountable in our own lives.

YOU get to choose what you will allow into your life and what you won’t accept. 

So — I’m inviting you to approach it with a fresh and empowered perspective. 

Conflict can be an opportunity for growth, or it can wreak havoc on your life.

It can deepen your relationship, or it can destroy it.

You get to choose which path you’ll take. 


“Maiko is changing my life one session at a time.

After going through a low-conflict divorce when my children were 3 and 6, I met the man of my dreams. He was perfect for me in every way, but with two kids of his own, he brought along a high-conflict ex wife who the legal system forced him to “co-parent” with.

As the months went by, I realized that we weren’t just dealing with a bitter woman. She was different, and her actions were unfathomable. She would do anything to keep my partner and his young children apart.

We spent the last 2+ years spinning our wheels, trying out every ‘tactic’ in the book to get very simple court orders complied with. All we wanted was to provide his kids with some sense of stability, and ourselves with just an ounce of peace.

But nothing worked — until I met Maiko. Within a few minutes with Maiko, I felt completely understood. Within a few hours, I felt empowered. And within a few weeks, I felt armed with enough tools and knowledge to begin shifting the crazy-making dynamic that my partner’s ex had us trapped in for years.

We are finally getting our lives back, refocusing our energy, and protecting ourselves and our family from the chaos, and it’s all thanks to Maiko.”

– Megan


A transformative one-on-one coaching program for women in the stepmom role who are dating, in a committed relationship, or married to a man who has children.

My course is for those of you in a co-parenting situation that has consistently been causing stress for you and your significant other.

And — no matter how hard you try to co-parent peacefully with the biological mother of the kids — the dynamic isn’t improving.

Freedom from the Chaos will help you and your partner identify if you’re spiraling in a genuinely “high-conflict” reality and guide you through the emotional work to shift unhealthy patterns.

This program will ask you to go deep and delve into vulnerable territories.

It can inspire a search for self-love, the true essence of your relationship, and a path to living in the stepmom role in your own unique way.

And sister, let me tell you…

Once you tap into your personal power, no one can ever take it away from you.

We’re potentially talking about the rest of your life. 

Are you ready to start protecting your future? ✨💫


I know how hard this is.

There’s a limit to how much more you can take. 

You’re running out of time — and energy — to shift this. 

Doing the work NOW is the key to getting ahead of more unnecessary pain. 

That’s why my coaching process focuses on solutions — not just more of the problem. 

Freedom from the Chaos is an intervention into your present reality that will teach you an unconventional parenting stance. It’s a new approach that will empower you and your partner to shield yourselves — and the kids — from more chaos. 

My goal is to get you to a place where the drama and conflict don’t take center stage in your life.

If you do this right, you’ll no longer depend on outside sources or online stepmom groups for advice or to vent.

Instead, you’ll be able to efficiently tackle issues alongside your man and move the hell on with your precious lives.

You won’t need anyone else to validate what you feel in your gut.

And you’ll no longer be vulnerable to generic advice from lawyers, mediators, therapists, and coaches who don’t understand the intricacies of a high-conflict reality.

Consciously choosing the right professionals when needed.

No more wasted time — or money.

The path to reclaiming your life starts today


“When I came to Maiko I was extremely depressed, anxiety ridden, and beaten down from years of bullying and verbal abuse at the hands of an unwell ex-husband and his equally unwell partner.

Maiko and I have been working together for just a few months and the shift in me has been staggering.

She has helped me reach deep inside of myself to find my inner-warrior.

She has helped me turn my depression into resilience, my anxiety into strength, and my fears into a need to fight for what is right. 

I would recommend that anyone, no matter if you are a bio-mom, bio-dad, step-mom or step-dad stuck in a high-conflict situation, work with Maiko.

No one deserves to feel powerless in these situations and Maiko is the best person to have in your corner. She is truly a blessing.”

-Nina S


Freedom from the Chaos is an introspective program that will show you how to live in alignment. 

You’ll learn how to pay attention to how you feel, listen to your intuition, and be true to yourself. 

Unlocking the essence of YOU. 

We’ll line your choices up with your core values and teach you the foundational skills to take this forward into other areas of your life.

This isn’t easy.

It takes effort. 

You’re going to have to dig deep. 

But it works. 

I know it might be daunting.

But once you’ve mastered this alignment process, you’ll be able to return to it with a calm sense of confidence that you and your relationship can handle anything. 

It can feel as if you’re peeling away shallow layers as you tune in to who you truly are, and set the real you free.


No more bullshit. 

THIS is what it looks like to take your power back.


One-on-one coaching and support conducted in twelve 60-minute video sessions via Skype, Zoom or Facetime.

Access to my Private Facebook Support Group. 

Referral network of lawyers, mediators, parenting coordinators, court preparation specialists, and therapists who are well versed in high-conflict co-parenting dynamics.


  1. Personality tests for you (and your partner if you choose)
  2. Core values worksheet
  3. Co-parent’s behavior quiz
  4. Communication protocol recommendations
  5. Boundary Bootcamp guideline
  6. Autonomous parenting stance vs. cooperative co-parenting overview and personalized suggestions
  7. Custody order overview and individualized guidance


Everyone is at a different place when it comes to their emotional well-being, relationship health, and co-parenting dynamic.

That’s why Freedom from the Chaos is a 1:1 coaching program tailored to each individual’s unique situation.

We’ll focus on these core areas:

  • • Inner work
  • • Relationship work
  • • High-conflict dynamics

I’ve found that it typically takes about 12 hours to work through the course and create profound change — but since it’s such a layered topic and everyone is different, there are lots of options available to carve out a plan that works best depending on your needs.

You can immerse yourself in the program by working through your sessions as quickly as possible — or schedule chats once a week if you prefer to take it slow.

You set the pace!

I’m also available for an immediate 60-minute or 90-minute “Solution Session” should you need immediate guidance on a particular issue (independent of the usual FFC program outline). Payment can be applied toward a 4-session package as outlined below should you choose to continue coaching.

One 60-minute session is regularly $125, currently available at a 20% discount for stepmoms at $100.

One 90-minute is regularly $180, currently available at a 20% discount $145.


“Ever feel lost? On edge? Like you know another disaster is looming…

Maiko transformed my life. 

I knew I had to do something to effect a positive change. I spent tens of thousands on lawyers that did nothing to impact my landscape. I spent thousands more with a therapist, and while that helped me deal with the pain of a conflicted parenting relationship, it didn’t do much for me and my children’s daily experience. 

Maiko has helped me get organized. I learned how to be direct with my messaging cadence, and how to stay focused on what matters. 

My family is so much better off. 

With her help I have successfully put crazy in a box where she stays. 

I have represented myself in court and won and seen the difference having well documented patterns makes. Most importantly I have been able to maintain healthy boundaries. 

I could go on and on and on about how traumatized I was and I could go on just as long about how amazing Maiko is. I’ve already referred a few friends who have high conflict relationships because I truly believe that success leaves footprints. 

Maiko cares, she is an angel in my life, every second with her has been priceless.”

– Eli


4-Session Package (60 minutes)

Regularly $485 $365

Purchase four 60-minute 1:1 coaching sessions currently at a 25% discount. Most clients need at least 12 hours to work through the entire program, but everyone is different — decide as you go. Payment is due before each 4-session package commences. 

4-Session Package (90 minutes)

Regularly $720 $540

Purchase four 90-minute 1:1 coaching sessions currently at a 25% discount. Many clients seem to prefer longer sessions since the subject matter is so layered. You choose what works best for you. Payment is due before each 4-session package commences.

Couples' Sessions

Regularly $645 $485 or +$40 per session

Purchase four 60-minute couples’ coaching sessions currently at a 25% discount. Or, have your partner join our 1:1 session as needed for an additional $40 per session. Client must first complete one 4-session package of individual coaching before progressing with couples’ sessions. Payment is due before each package commences. 

Group Mastermind 4-Pack (90 min)

Individual $540 = $135/sess Group $220 = $55/sess

Purchase four 90-minute  sessions currently at 25% off plus group discount. Size will be a maximum of five women and must have at least three. Savings of $320/package and $80/session compared to 1:1 coaching. Set day/time to repeat for 4 consecutive weeks. Message me for schedule. Payment due before each package commences. 

Full Program

Regularly $1,455 $1,065

Purchase twelve 60-minute 1:1 coaching sessions currently available at a 25% discount plus an additional saving of $25 because it’s paid in full. Full program can be broken up into 8 sessions of 90-minutes if you prefer longer sessions. Payment is due before program commences. 


I understand what you’re going through because I’ve lived it.

I firmly believe that a coach can’t take you where they haven’t been themselves.

I began my journey by providing relationship and empowerment coaching to women across the world.

Then, six years ago, I found myself struggling in my relationship with a man who has kids. He was an awesome partner in every way except for the drama his past decisions brought into my life. As the shit started to hit the fan, I felt like my life was speeding toward a train wreck and I couldn’t stop it. I even found myself secretly hoping he would do something “bad,” so I could justify leaving him.

He never did.

I realized that I had to make sense of what was happening if I wanted our relationship to survive. I wanted to stay together, but I sure as hell wasn’t about to settle for a life filled with that level of chaos.

Our goal became to find freedom from the conflict together and move on with our lives.

It took a tremendous amount of work to figure out how to create healthy, SUSTAINABLE change amidst a high-conflict co-parenting dynamic. I’m not talking about a few days or weeks of normalcy, then WHAM — another bomb drops, and our lives implode — again.

For five years, I committed to studying under the guidance of some of the best therapists, psychologists, life coaches, and high-conflict specialists.

Once my partner and I implemented foundational changes, I was finally able to walk through the healing process and begin to thrive in my relationship. But, I had to come through the other side before I could get vulnerable enough to share my story — let alone coaching others facing a similar trauma.

Now I know it’s possible to have a peaceful life AND a happy relationship — because we’ve done it.

I’ve condensed my knowledge and experience into Freedom from the Chaos — turning my years of studying, training and hard work into a coaching solution for my soul sisters who are struggling just like I was.

There IS light at the end of this tunnel.

I can show you the path there.

We should talk.




"Maiko has been a lifesaver! My 1:1 time with her has been so valuable and enlightening. For a long time, I felt like I was alone in this struggle of being a step-parent to children whose mother seemed crazy. I've learned useful coping strategies and I have more clarity about which issues are worth fighting and which are not. It's so reassuring to know that my frustrations are not only normal but warranted!"
"Maiko was wonderful in helping me set up healthy boundaries when it comes to my husband's ex-wife so I didn’t continue to leave myself and my relationship vulnerable. She helped me feel empowered to stand up against my stepkids' mother and protect my marriage at all costs. Maiko is so easy to work with and has been a great help to me. I'm so thankful that our paths crossed when they did."
"I worked with Maiko for about half a year when I was going through a tough time. It was good to know that someone had gone through similar experiences and I was not alone in it. She pushed me to face key issues that people often seem to overlook or bury. To date a man with children is never easy, it was good to have Maiko there for me as I faced the challenges not only in blending lives, but in my relationship as well."



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