A transformative one-on-one coaching program for women who are dating, in a committed relationship or are married to a man who has children. My Rise Above the Chaos Program is for those of you stepmoms in a co-parenting situation that has consistently been causing stress for you and your significant other.

No matter how hard you try to co-parent cooperatively with the biological mother of the kids, the dynamic isn’t improving.

This program will help you and your partner identify if you’re spiraling in a genuinely “high-conflict” co-parenting reality, and if so, do the work as a team to break the unhealthy patterns.

It’s time to consciously choose what you will allow into your life and what you won’t accept.

Do you feel like:

  • • the biological mother of the kids is hostile and determined to make your partner’s life (and yours) a living hell?
  • • your partner unconsciously enables her bullying behavior because he’s afraid of what she might do next?
  • • your stomach goes into knots when you hear your partner’s cell phone ring with a call, text, or message from her?
  • • you intuitively know something isn’t right, but you’re not sure what can be done to change the dynamic?
  • • you’re isolated and alone, and no one else seems to understand your situation (because they haven’t lived it)? 
  • • you’re drowning in stress and living in a constant state of anxious anticipation of when the other shoe will drop?
  • • you wonder whether the co-parenting dynamic is identifiably “high-conflict” or maybe you’re just too sensitive?


    Many other women in the stepmom role are living in this cycle of pain, anxiety, and energy-draining conflict. But you don’t have to. You can break the cycle.

Conflict is growth trying to happen 

-Dr. Harville Hendrix

When you live in alignment with who you are and your core values, conflict doesn’t intimidate you. Rather, by shining a light on what you DON’T want, it helps you get clear on what you DO want. Challenging experiences then become your greatest teachers.

Conflict can be an opportunity for growth, or it can wreak havoc on your life — it can deepen your relationship, or it can destroy it. You get to choose how you’ll approach it. 

This journey will ask you to go deep and delve into soul-work: a search for authentic personal power and self-love, the true essence of your relationship, and a path to living in the stepmom role in your own unique way.


“I should be able to co-parent cooperatively just like everyone else seems to do.”

The danger with this flawed premise is that it assumes you belong to the majority of people who are in a healthy co-parenting dynamic when the reality is, an estimated 20% are in a high-conflict dynamic. Listening to surface level advice as you try to live by societal ideals can be a trap for chaos if your co-parenting reality is dysfunctional.

The regular rules of co-parenting can’t be applied to high-conflict cases. 

If you’re in this minority and you keep trying to co-parent peacefully, you’re probably experiencing time and time again: 


The underlying problem might be that you and your partner are attempting to raise kids with someone who simply isn’t emotionally equipped for healthy co-parenting. However, trying to label the other person as high-conflict and/or personality disordered isn’t the place to focus your energy.

prioritize your peace and well-being

If you’re living amid a high-conflict co-parenting dynamic, you know all too well that it’s a tremendous source of stress. 

When there’s a perceived threat, your nervous system triggers a fight-or-flight response and pumps out stress hormones like cortisol. This response is meant to be temporary, but if the stressor doesn’t go away, the response continues in your body. 

Chronic stress can affect your quality of life and have severe consequences on your health.

Whether it’s you sweeping your feelings under the rug or your partner avoiding conflict, neither will make your stressors go away. If the pattern doesn’t stop, sooner or later something will give — whether that be your relationship or marriage, your physical health, or your mental state. 

Don’t continue to take that risk.


“If you keep doing what you’re doing, you’ll keep getting what you’re getting.” -Stephen R. Covey

After suffering long enough, there comes a time to recognize that something is deeply wrong with your co-parenting dynamic. Venting helps to release stress, but it’s important to catch yourself if you’re stuck in a pattern of complaining about the same issues. 

The more you blame someone else for being the source of your problems, the more you disempower yourself.

Don’t let the problem consume you. Commit to seeking solutions. You are the one thing you can control — self-awareness and personal accountability are the first steps toward creating sustainable change. 


My Rise Above the Chaos Program will walk you step-by-step through a process to teach you how to live in alignment. Whether we focus on you, your relationship, or a high-conflict co-parenting dynamic — it all comes down to developing these foundational life skills.

Alignment is:

  • •paying attention to how you feel
  • listening to your intuition
  • •being true to yourself
  • •lining your actions up with your core values 

This isn’t easy. It takes effort. 

But it works. Once you’ve mastered this process, you and your partner can return to it over and over again with a calm sense of confidence that your relationship can handle anything.

As scary as it can be, change that’s grounded in this kind of personal alignment is exciting. It can feel as if you’re peeling away the shallow layers of a facade as you tune in to who you truly are and start to set the real you free. 

Finally. No more bullshit. 

This is what it looks like when you take your power back.


My Rise Above the Chaos Program will teach you a new parenting stance for a high-conflict reality: one that will help you and your partner shield yourselves (and the kids) from more chaos (instead of continuing to make you all vulnerable).

My coaching process is an intervention into your present reality and won’t take nearly as long as therapy. Together we’ll develop an individualized action-plan so you don’t have to continue spending your money on expensive lawyers, mediators, and therapists who often aren’t trained in the intricacies of high-conflict dynamics. 

My Rise Above the Chaos Program will teach you a new parenting stance for a high-conflict reality: one that will help you and your partner shield yourselves (and the kids) from more chaos (instead of continuing to make you all vulnerable).

Rise Above the Chaos is a life-changing coaching program that focuses on SOLUTIONS. It will provide you with a road map for transforming an unhealthy situation and reclaiming your life.

My program will equip you with the tools to start making informed decisions from a place of wisdom — not emotional reaction.  (Wisdom = Do not just act; think first. Without a solid plan you leave yourself vulnerable to more chaos. 

Without a solid plan you create a nightmare. Enter things with eyes open. I’m someone who tries to prevent nightmares from occurring (preventative measures/PREVENTION). Get ahead of the pain. Goal is to feel good. Do the work now.

Together as a team, we’ll hone in on what’s important for creating meaningful change:

  • • Acknowledge there’s a problem
  • • Identify the root cause 
  • • Commit to doing the work

You’ll learn the foundational skills to overcome a high-conflict dynamic and use the experience to empower yourself and carve out a life and relationship that thrive.


• One-on-one coaching and support conducted in 60-minute video sessions done via Skype, Zoom, or Facetime. 

• Access to my Private Facebook Support Group 

• Referral network of lawyers, mediators/parenting coordinators, court preparation coaches, and therapists who are well versed in high-conflict co-parenting dynamics.

Seven Valuable Deliverables:

  1. Personality Tests (for the couple)
  2. High-Conflict Behavior Assessment
  3. Core Values Worksheet 
  4. Parallel Parenting Outline
  5. Communication Protocol Worksheet
  6. Boundary Bootcamp Worksheet
  7. Custody Order Outline


It typically takes most of my clients 12 coaching sessions to work through the Rise Above the Chaos Program and to create profound change. Everyone is at a different place when it comes to their emotional well-being, relationship health, and co-parenting situation so I’ve broken the program up into three general areas:

  1. Inner-work
  2. Relationship-work
  3. High-Conflict Dynamics

I’ve found that some clients need more time on the relationship-work and some need more time on high-conflict dynamics and so on… but they are all intertwined. It’s almost impossible to change an dysfunctional co-parenting dynamic if your relationship with your partner isn’t healthy. Therefore, this has to be a very personalized program depending on your current situation.

I am discounting my coaching fee for this program. The 12-session package paid in full is discounted to $775 (regularly $1,095 — total savings of $320). There is also a payment plan option: you can purchase in increments of 4-sessions for $275 (regularly $365 — savings of $90 per package). Total cost for the 12 session program would be $825 ($275 x 3). Payment is due before the start of each 4-session package.

  • *The 12-session package is an extra savings of $50 because it is paid in full.
  • *There is no obligation to continue beyond the first 4 sessions. However, it is strongly recommended that you complete the program since this is such a layered challenge. 
  • *Small group sessions also available. Email me directly for availability and pricing.
  • *Couples sessions are available at full price $365/4-session package (after completing the first package one-on-one).

About me:

I spent years studying under the guidance of some of the best therapists, psychologists, life coaches, and high-conflict experts. I gathered the best-of-the-best information and condensed it down for you so we can create meaningful change together as quickly as possible.

I started off working with women all around the world as a relationship coach. My personal journey has created a passion in me for working with stepmoms. I now have a specialty in helping women in this role transform their high-conflict reality into one that no longer takes a massive toll on their happiness and well-being. 

I understand because I’ve lived it. It took me a long time to walk through the healing process and begin to thrive. I really believe that a coach or therapist can’t take you where they haven’t been themselves. 

There is light at the end of the tunnel. I can show you the path there.