Here we go… are you ready to empower yourself and carve out a life & relationship you love

(even while facing challenges that might be kicking your ass)?

I’m really excited our paths crossed!

I truly believe:

• E​verything happens for a reason.
• I​n asking ourselves meaningful questions so we can make choices that are in alignment with ​​what we really want.
• S​elf-awareness is empowerment. Nothing is more valuable than knowing and speaking our truth.
• Life is too precious to sweep feelings under the rug.
• I​n facing challenges head-on by taking an honest look at reality instead of avoiding the difficult stuff ​(​only to face the repercussions later​)​.
• ​L​ife & relationships are ​beautiful gifts and meant to be enjoyed. Don’t settle

We’re all in this together. Let’s love & support one another.

Through thick & thin, I’m here to be your support system. I’ve got you.

maiko michelle dating and relationship guidance

“Maiko has helped me to recognize my value and to have better relationships personally and professionally. The supportive manner in which she delivers her wisdom and insight promotes true growth and transformation. You feel you have both a caring friend and spirit guide in Maiko, and I would trust her advice wholeheartedly.”

– Kristy Malone, Nutritionist at Uncommon Wellness

Ready to work together?

My goal is to guide you toward self-awareness and empowerment — and let’s face it, life & relationships can be challenging. I help you to gain clarity on what makes your soul happy and teach you to fine tune your intuition.

Let’s Go with the Flow Package

one session at a time (with no additional support)

1-30 minute session $50
1-60 minute session $95

I Need a Session & Support Package

one session with unlimited messaging support for one week — via email, text, or Facebook Messenger

1-30 minute session $80 with support
1-60 minute session $125 with support

Girl on the Go Package

unlimited messaging support for one month

Messaging support only (without any session/s) $95

30 Days to Big Change Monthly Packages

session/s with unlimited messaging support for one month (within 30 days)

1-(60 min or 2-30 min) with support $175
4-30 minute sessions with support $260
4-60 minute sessions with support $420

“Look deep inside yourself for the beauty and love you’ve been seeking.”

-Thich Nhat Hanh

maiko michelle dating and relationship guidance

A few notes:

Hours of availability for sessions: Monday-Friday, 8am-6pm (Pacific Standard Time) (*I can make exceptions and do Saturdays if no other time slot works for us). Messaging support hours: Monday-Saturday, 8am-6pm (PST). Our 30 minute complimentary session must be completed prior to starting any of the packages. All fees can be applied to the monthly package cost if you decide you’d like to continue working together. One week = 7 consecutive calendar days. One month = 30 consecutive calendar days