maiko michelle dating and relationship guidance

“Before you even try to determine who you are in a relationship, you have to be clear on you.”

-Dr. Keith Kanner


Dating & Relationship Guidance

Through thick and thin, I’m here to be your support system. I’ve got you.

I focus on guiding you toward increased personal insight and self-empowerment.

Let’s face it, life and relationships can be challenging — you need to know yourself on a deep-level sister!

I help you to gain clarity on what makes your soul happy and teach you to fine tune your intuition.

I believe this is foundational for creating authentic love.

As scary as it can be, change that’s grounded in this kind of alignment with your deeper self is a very exciting process. It almost feels as if you’re peeling away the shallow layers of a facade as you tune in to who you really are and start to set the real you free.

Finally. No more bullshit.

This journey is so much bigger than anything or anyone else.

Happiness is an inside job, it starts with you.

This is about soul-work. Finding your center in self-love and authenticity as you search for the true essence of your relationships.

Don’t lose one more precious day.

It’s time to empower yourself and carve out a life and relationship you love — with intention.

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maiko michelle dating and relationship guidance

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Are you ready to deliberately create a life and relationship that feel good (even while facing challenges that might be kicking your ass)?

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