Welcome! I’m Maiko.

True empowerment is about creating a centered energy that can’t be f*cked with. It’s knowing yourself so deeply that you don’t need anyone to validate how you feel or what you want — no matter what life throws at you.

Real power comes from within — and often, our greatest pain and challenges are how we tap into it. 

If you’re feeling especially raw and vulnerable right now — or even numb because your coping mechanism has been to shove your feelings down — let’s try to flip the script for a moment.

Painful emotions and challenges are an incredible opportunity for growth if you decide to use them as a catalyst to look deeper within. 

Instead of avoiding any uncomfortable feelings that are coming to the surface right now or issues in your relationship that are getting triggered, choose to step into your discomfort and tune in to what your emotions might be telling you. 

I strongly believe that inner work is the solution for most relationship problems.

The goal of this personal work is to build your inner wisdom and emotional health. Once you know your worth, you’re then more equipped to find solutions to the problems within your relationships instead of repeating unhealthy patterns — which is good news because that means YOU are the ignition point for the change you want to see — not anyone else!

Building self-awareness is how you get your real power, sister. This is how you make your unconscious conscious — and this is when transformation happens. 

Now, I’m sure that all sounds like peaches and cream — but let’s take a look at reality. 

Most of us can’t just snap our fingers and magically have the ability to see our own blind spots. 

We need help adjusting the mirror so we can catch the glitches we might be missing — this is where I come in. 

My coaching process focuses on solutions and is an intervention into your present reality. We’ll identify any patterns that might be holding you back, work through them together and heal any wounds so you can move on with your life in a healthier, more empowered way. 

I’m here to step into the trenches with you and walk by your side, helping you to transform your struggles into growth and your pain into power. 

And, once you tap into your inner strength, there’s no going back — PERIOD. 

Why relationship & empowerment coaching?

I believe that our relationships are a direct reflection of what’s going on inside us.

Relationships are one of the most important opportunities that life brings to us to do this important inner work.

When two separate lives blend together, that relationship understandably becomes the space where our unhealed, unprocessed inner shit gets activated.

If it’s a healthy relationship, it becomes a place where we can finally heal old wounds — but if it’s not, it’s likely to reopen them and make them worse.

What do your relationships say about what’s going on inside you right now?

Maiko Michelle Stepmom self-care: a stepmom taps into her personal power in loving meditation

Hello, kindred spirit. ✨

You’re a growth-oriented woman who’s committed to your emotional well-being and manifesting a life and relationship you love — and you’re willing to do some inner-work on the path toward becoming your highest self. 

Instead of blaming others, you typically choose to look in the mirror — because you know true empowerment comes from within.

You want to live a magical life that includes a deep sense of self-worth and the relationship of your dreams. You want to have a connected partnership founded in shared values, honesty, and lifelong love — and you realize something this amazing takes some conscious creation.

You’re ready to take your life and relationships to the next level, but you notice that you have some patterns holding you back.

Here’s where I come in.

I’m a relationship and empowerment coach who can help you line up with what you truly want and carve out a clear game plan to get you there. 

I believe our life and relationships are a direct reflection of our inner state — which is why it’s so important to get our inner world healthy before focusing on the external. 

This is about your relationship with YOU, first and foremost.

Together as a team, we’ll process any self-doubt, fear, confusion, wounding, or self-worth issues you may have stuck in your system. We’ll get you moving in the direction of healing, self-love, and inner peace — so you can create your life and attract relationships from a healthier vibration!

THIS is the work. 

Maiko Michelle: a girl overlooking the sunrise contemplating nature

Providing guidance & support for women who are:

  • Dating and wanting to attract a loving, longterm relationship
  • Facing challenges in their relationship and lacking clarity
  • Wanting to identify unhealthy relationship patterns and create change
  • Ready to take their life and relationships to the next level with deliberate creation
  • Wanting to amplify their intuition
  • Wondering if they’re in a toxic relationship and/or likely dealing with someone who has a personality disorder
  • Wanting to heal and thrive after narcissistic abuse
  • Looking for freedom from a high-conflict separation, divorce or co-parenting dynamic
  • Lacking direction and self-worth and feeling disconnected from their purpose
  • …and much more!

Shoot me a note with some detail about what’s top of your mind right now or schedule a complimentary 30-minute session. I’ll let you know if I think I can provide you with some meaningful guidance geared toward your specific needs.

Areas of specialization:

  • Intuition Amplification
  • Mindset Training
  • Healthy Relationships
  • Law of Attraction
  • Toxic Relationship Patterns — Healing & Thriving After Narcissistic Abuse
  • High-Conflict Separation, Divorce & Co-Parenting
  • Stepmom & Blended Family Journey

Energy is Everything

I believe that connecting on an energetic level is so important when working with a coach, and it goes both ways. Everything is secondary to how we feel with one another — that’s why I offer a complimentary 30-minute Discovery Session.

We all need a healthy support system that includes accountability and empowering guidance — let’s see if we’re a coaching fit.