Stepmom self-love relaxing with a coffee and capturing her emotions and experiences in her journal

Stepmom Self-Care Amidst High-Conflict Co-Parenting

Powerful advice and support for women in the stepmom role: Facing a high-conflict co-parenting reality as a stepmom alongside your partner is no joke!  Some may think stories like ours only come from those who love drama — like the people you...
A gift of flowers for healing with uterine fibroid tumours

My Journey with Fibroid Tumors

I just had my third surgery to remove fibroid tumors. I'm sharing this level of personal detail for any other ladies who are struggling with their feminine bits. There is just so much to women's health -- it's not just the physical manifestation.…
tips for a healthy relationship maya angelou quote when someone shows you who they are believe them
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Tips for a Healthy Relationship

Here are some quick tips for a healthy relationship founded in self-awareness. Life could be so much simpler if we'd take the opportunity to heed the warning signs that come to us as different emotions. Stop trying to convince your gut that…
Lazy animal - how we feel when fighting self talk and moving through resistance

Self-Talk: Moving Through Resistance

  Perspective is everything. Indeed. I started listening to Abraham-Hicks about 15 years ago and it’s been a game-changer for me. I wasn’t conscious of it, but most of my life I resisted almost everything that didn’t fall under…
Health tidbit about coffee

Health Tidbit about Coffee

One of the reasons for avoiding coffee is its acidity. Coffee turns acidic at about 15 minutes after being brewed. If you're going to drink coffee: • order coffees like an Espresso or Americano where you can see the barista actually make…
Your body speaks to you... please listen

Your body speaks to you… please listen

I’ve been on quite a journey when it comes to my health. My female bits and hormones have been out of whack for years now. I had surgery about ten years ago to have uterine fibroid tumors removed — and not surprisingly, they grew right back.…