Tips for Creating Your Own Blended Family


blended family dirt biking together

My soul son Sawyer is already so tall that I can’t stand next to him in pictures without looking absolutely ridiculous. He’s only 14 and over 6’ tall and I’m 5’ and shrinking….

Me being so short while everyone else in my “blended family” is extremely tall is hilarious to me. We’re clearly not related by blood and I LOVE that it’s so apparent when you see us together!

I giggle inside when I see others trying to figure us out.

“Who is this little asian-looking woman and what does she have to do with this tall white kid?”

I always dreamt of having a “mumbo jumbo” blended family where we looked different from one another and different from the norm. Maybe that stemmed from being mixed-race and as a kid constantly having to answer the question, “WHAT ARE YOU?

I was never easy to explain in one word— I could never check one box. But, I grew to love that about myself. One of my old vision boards even had a picture on it of a family that was all scrambled up — or as they say in Hawaii, “a mixed plate.” You couldn’t tell who was related to whom or what their story was.

I was totally drawn to the idea of having an unconventional family.

Even now, I find myself following non-traditional families on Instagram because they inspire me. I love hearing their stories. And I love learning more about what CALLED them to create their family in their unique way.

Now that I have my own, I know on a soul level that I was meant to meet these kids and be a part of their lives. I know the role I’ve played, especially with our younger one Sawyer. He makes me smile when I see him doing things because that’s the way I showed him from the time he was a little boy.

His love of dirt biking — that was my love — and now that’s something we share. It’s become one of the things he’s most proud of about himself, and that makes me proud.

And I don’t need to be blood-related to someone to love them on a soul level.

Because the energy of love is so much greater than blood.

Let’s expand our conversations around what family means to each of us. F*ck other people’s definitions and labels! Create your own. And maybe “family” can become as simple as:


blended family dirt biking together 2
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