A note on Mother's Day for Stepmoms from Maiko

Here are some stepmom tips for celebrating Mother’s Day:

Get Creative and Make It Your Own

Please share this with any amazing stepmamas you may know! It’s that time again — Mother’s Day is upon us! Let’s take a moment to celebrate all the wonderful versions of “moms” out there! 💐💝💞
Loving beyond blood and helping to raise children who are not ours biologically takes a special type of person — one who shares their love openly and is kind, empathetic, giving, caring and compassionate — often while being invalidated, attacked and openly criticized by people who would never choose to walk in our shoes.
I hear a lot of stepmoms talk about how painful mother’s day can be for them. If you can practice a simple mindset shift: detach from the actual day it’s celebrated on and call it whatever feels right for YOU — slight tweaks in how you choose to celebrate it can release you from the pain you might feel. The main thing is the support from your significant other in making sure he (and the kids) acknowledge and celebrate you as one of the most important influences in their lives — because you are! Who cares what label is put on it and when it happens! I sure as hell don’t.
For example, we don’t have the kids right now because the summer break started early due to the virus. So, we’re celebrating on Mother’s Day just us with Chris treating me extra special for all I do for him and our family!! Let’s be real, it feels good to be acknowledged sometimes. Let your partner know if he hasn’t figured it out already. Honest communication is so incredibly important in relationships. There’s plenty of time before Sunday — get on it girl!
Step, foster and adoptive parents — thank you for all you do! It truly does take a village. 🌎

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