Lazy animal - how we feel when fighting self talk and moving through resistance

Perspective is everything. Indeed.

I started listening to Abraham-Hicks about 15 years ago and it’s been a game-changer for me. I wasn’t conscious of it, but most of my life I resisted almost everything that didn’t fall under the “fun” category: going to work, doing taxes, cleaning my house… you name it, I probably resisted it.

Little did I know that my resistance was stealing precious moments from my life. Moments that I could have been basking in presence but was instead dwelling in victimhood or laziness in my focus.

What I chose to do each day with my time and energy was my choice, no one was forcing me to do those things. And if I was going to be working for someone or running errands, why not line up with it, be present, appreciate the choices & freedom I have in my life, and do it with an energy of ease & flow instead of resistance? What a simple way to consciously raise my vibration and attract so many more amazing people and experiences to my day.

The more I practiced this the more my attitude shifted, my energy changed, and I started to become a happier person on a simple yet foundational level. I felt like others could feel it too (as I went about my day taking care of the things that needed to get done): from the guy at the post office, the girl I met while walking my dog, and the person at the check-out counter at the market, everyone seemed to just give back the same energy I was giving… it felt wonderful, like I was existing on a new level. Smiles, chats, new acquaintances, genuine “thank you’s”… the signs that I was heading in the right direction were everywhere.

Once I started to experience more & more of this powerful shift in my perspective, my life started to change. I created more self-awareness and I did my best to make the most of almost everything. And now, when I need to work on my monthly taxes for example, I don’t spend a ton of my energy telling myself a story about how much I hate taxes and how unfair they are. I instead make a nice ritual of beforehand. I make sure my space is nice and organized, I light a candle, and I give myself the time to be present instead of being rushed to get them done. I now do my taxes with inspired action and focus. They’ve almost become a meditative ritual for me… I sit on the floor, remind myself to breathe and engage my core, and I take it slow. And now that I no longer have all this resistance about having to do my taxes, I don’t procrastinate like I used to and I don’t stress out through the whole process.

I realized that if I could do this with taxes (one of the tasks that used to be yuckiest for me), I could probably do it with almost anything! As I got better at it, I started to practice this self-talk and awareness with the bigger things too. Relationship issues, health problems, friendship challenges, business decisions… as I faced these things, I first tried to line myself up with acceptance and let go of my resistance. Gratitude for what was going well, and acknowledge how strong I am in carving out the things that would make me feel better.

This subtle shift in perspective can make all the difference in the world. Be conscious of your self-talk, tune in on a deeper level (how are you coming at the things you’re choosing to do?), and appreciate the opportunities you have each day. We truly are so blessed to have so many options. Not everyone is as lucky.

On the days when I just can’t seem to align myself, I will often choose to put my TO DO list down and instead do something that nourishes my spirit. I may need to go lie down, I may choose to go have a chat with a soul sister who eases my anxiety, I may choose to go to a mid-afternoon hot yoga class and sweat it out… hoping that any of these might help me to shift my energy. And if it doesn’t, that’s okay too. All along the way, I remind myself, “how lucky are you that you can stop for a bit and come back at your work later?” On the days when I don’t have that option, I do everything in my power to line up with myself first before I do anything….

Practice this. I promise it can make all the difference in the world.

My mantra: “Ease & flow. Ease & flow.”

Consciously talking myself into this vibration before I do most things is key for me now. Give it a whirl!

Listen to our Sutra Lifestyles’ Ab-Hicks recording for a transformational 15 minute kickstart — Esther will help you shift your energy and let go of that pesky resistance! Please share your experiences here or let me know if you come up with any new rituals for yourself — I’d love to hear about it! 😉


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