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Here are some quick tips for a healthy relationship founded in self-awareness.

Life could be so much simpler if we’d take the opportunity to heed the warning signs that come to us as different emotions.

Stop trying to convince your gut that you’re not feeling pissed, hurt, agitated, humiliated, annoyed by someone’s behavior; and instead, be thankful for your emotional guidance system.

Allowing this discomfort is how we begin to grow emotionally and build our self-awareness muscles.

Most importantly, when we stop blaming someone else for being who they are, we can then take ownership of the role we play in our unhealthy relationship dynamics. As a result, we can start to build healthier relationships.

Empower yourself by consciously choosing the people and energies you allow into your life.

Tips for a Healthy Relationship:

1) Tune in to your emotions 

2) Identify the source

3) Create change

Do the work to protect your inner peace.

It’s up to you. It always is.

Tips for a healthy relationship:

Above all, get clear on YOU first by identifying your Core Values. Our outer worlds are a direct reflection of our inner worlds. Let’s get you healthy on the inside so that your life and relationships reflect the fact that you’ve healed your wounds and are living from a grounded space of self-awareness, personal integrity, truth, and inner peace. Most importantly, the first step is to get uber clear on your core values. Go to the grey box on my homepage to download my >>Core Values Worksheet.  Because living from the inside out and feeling a sense of centeredness feels so damn good!  

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Lastly, do any of you struggle with recognizing warning signs and red flags in your relationships? Message me if you’d like to do a complimentary 30-minute clarity session to discuss my eFit (Emotional Fitness Inner Training) Coaching Program. Emotional fitness is living from a centered space of self-awareness, personal integrity, and truth. Let’s get you healthy on the inside so that your life and relationships reflect your inner peace. Emotional well-being takes a lot of effort and is an everyday practice; but once you learn the framework and start to infuse it into your daily life, real transformation happens. Just click here » Yes – let’s chat!”.

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  1. Tex Hooper
    Tex Hooper says:

    I appreciate what you said about identifying core values first. That seems like a good way to weed out those you aren’t compatible with. I’ll have to make sure I know what I am looking for.

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