We Fight Together. Co Parenting with a toxic ex

We are a Team and We Fight Together

I realized early on in our relationship that something was awry. I observed a biological mother using the kids as weapons against my partner...
Stepmom self-love relaxing with a coffee and capturing her emotions and experiences in her journal

5 Self-Care Tips During Stressful Times

When stressful issues come to us in life, it’s important to have a self-care practice to support us and keep us grounded as we push through it.
Twitter Post about Stepmoms Day

Stepmom Tips: Make Mother's Day Your Own

Slight tweaks in how you choose to celebrate can release you from the pain you might feel. Mother's Day can feel plenty good if you just get creative!
Stepmom self-worth: processes her emotions by journalling with a coffee

Stepmom Self-Care While Dealing with Crazy!

If you work hard to implement each of these into your life right now — especially while dealing with high levels of chaos — the shifts can be profound.
A gift of flowers for healing with uterine fibroid tumours

My Journey with Fibroid Tumors

The emotional chaos I was living in for so long took a tremendous toll on my health. My body was pumping out stress hormones non-stop and I was living in a constant state of fight or flight for several years...